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About Resale Properties
Buying a home is an exciting time no matter if you buy a brand new home or a resale property. But if you are still trying to decide, here are some advantages of buying a previously owned home.

10 Reasons to Buy Resale Property

1. Move-in Right Away: There are no time delays due to construction on a resale home. So once parties agree to terms of contract, you're ready to close.

2. Price of Home: You can save money as a resale is usually priced below its new home competitor and/or the seller is more willing to negotiate.

3. Close to New: Just because a home is not brand new doesn't mean it's old. Many resale properties on the market are just a few years old.

4. Established Neighborhoods: Most homes are in an established community, which makes it that much easier to assess if it's a right fit for you and your family.

5. Close-In: It is a lot easier to find resale properties closer into town. So if morning and evening commutes are a factor, buying a resale could save you drive time.

6. Decor Savings: Homeowners are willing to leave window treatments such as blind and curtains in the home and other items such as the refrigerator, outdoor furniture and lawn equipment can be negotiated into the contract. This all adds up to a pretty sizable savings since you will need to purchase these items if you buy new construction.

7. DIYer: Are you a do-it-yourself-er kind of person? If so, an older home might just the project for you to tackle.

8. Charm and Character: If you have in mind you want a particular style of home (an old farmhouse, English cottage, bungalow, storybook,...) you will probably need to buy a resale. Most new homes are built with modern designs and architecture.

9. Landscaping: Mature trees, bushes and planted flowers really add charm and value to an older home, as oppose to new construction landscaping which is minimal. Plus older homes often have larger yards.

10. Disclosure: Homeowners provide disclosure documents reporting all known issues or problems regarding the condition of their home. So as a buying you know what problems (if any) to expect.
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